No heroes. Only survivors. 

Ever since the Turn, Naomi had made it her mission to help those in need—to rescue as many people as she could from the ruthless AI that decided humanity was better off dead and reduced civilization to rubble. 

But ever since she lost her husband fifteen years ago, she has reoriented herself to one goal: protecting her daughter. 

Things have been simple ever since. Don’t stay in one place too long. Don’t take unnecessary risks. And don’t ever, ever play the hero. 

But on their way to a potential new home, Naomi and Kyla are rescued by the same group she left behind, only now they call themselves the Stormrazors, and their goals seem to go beyond helping those in need. 

Will Naomi find the safety and security she has always wanted for her daughter, or will she joined the fight she swore she had left behind?

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Debut Novel

“A compelling story of two sisters braving a world they’ve never seen before, and making unlikely friendships along the way.” —School Library Journal

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