Editorial for Fiction

Besides the eleven fiction titles currently have to my name, both traditionally and self-published, I’ve also helped many others prepare their manuscripts for prime time. I can help an author with his or her manuscript at any stage. My specialties are fantasy and science fiction, though I enjoy a good romance, adventure, and YA book as well. (Please note I do NOT do erotica or sexually explicit content.)

Content editing: A broad, macro-level look at story, structure, plot, and character development, this stage is typically for novels that are complete but need some help finding the leaky pipes and plot holes. For this type of editing, I make comments throughout the manuscript and write a full editorial letter about what works and what needs fixing. 

Copy/line editing: My personal favorite stage, this is about honing your voice, keeping small details straight, and organizing prose at a line-by-line level. I give guidance on how best to say what you’re saying and ensure that proverbial “flow” of a reading experience (typically using Track Changes or equivalent). Note that this type of editing usually takes the most time. 

Proofreading: A straightforward once-over for any errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or inconsistencies. This stage is for manuscripts that just need a nice coat of polish. 

I’m happy to do a free sample edit for any of these types of edits, just to find out if we’re a good fit. For a free sample or information about my rates, please contact me


Nonfiction Writing

While pursuing my BA and MFA in Creative Writing at San Jose State University, I served as the Marketing and Media Coordinator for the College of Humanities and Arts’ first all-student marketing team. Since then I have served several clients, both private and corporate, as a freelance copy writer, editor, and marketing consultant, specifically in tech markets and B2B sales. See below for examples of my work.

The Internet Waypoint: IpLContent Presents Near Real-Time, High-Bandwidth Access

IpLearn Introduces Formatting for Adjustable Screens

IpVenture Alleviates Supply-Chain Stress

IpVenture Offers Eyewear Technology for Covid-19

IpVenture Presents Semi-Private-Cubicle Airline Seats in the Wake of Covid-19


For business inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

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